In today’s time, business is all about customer experience and satisfaction applicable to every arena, manned guarding service being one of them. When visitors, contractors or delivery drivers arrive at the office or premises, the first person they come in contact with is the security guard, so to say, manned guards. So, it’s imperative that professionalism conveyed by security guards should be the perfect fit for the company they’re representing. 

Manned guarding service forms an integral part of the company when it comes to deciphering satisfactory customer services reflected in its corporate image. Manned guards should imbibe the right mannerisms to meet and greet important visitors, and if needed, accompany them to waiting or lounge areas, projecting appropriate brand. Be it welcoming visitors or handling deliveries, modern manned guards display a wide array of skills like first aid training, manual handling and emotional intelligence to assess situations and take necessary steps accordingly. Furthermore, manned guards are indispensable for keeping businesses safe and secure from thefts, vandalism, employee disputes, fire and other emergencies.

 Chirag Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd., the Best security agency in Pune, offers cost-effective integrated solutions, providing manned guarding service, Facility Management Services, Production Support for client’s safety with highly trained employees implementing security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.

Benefits of manned guarding service:

  1. Deters thefts and crimes-Well-trained security guards from the best security agency, protect property and establishments from thefts, vandalism, and assault, taking charge of situations thereby averting thieves and perpetrators.
  2. Offers a sense of security-Manned guarding service guarantees safety and security for you and your employees, enabling them to perform better knowing they’re in safe hands. These security guards are professionally trained and equipped with cutting-edge tools and devices, imparting a sense of security to your organization paving way for clients’ engagement with you.
  3. Customized Service-Customized or personalized services are of utmost necessity when security guards are accustomed to challenges specific to businesses. Selecting a manned guarding service allows you to have specialised trained guards on-premises, ready to combat challenges and risks, specific to your business.
  4. The first point of contact for customers-Manned guarding service not only provides safety but also customer service. Whenever any customer makes a visit, these security guards are the first point of contact for customers, guiding them to the respective departments. This makes room for positive impressions or feedback from clients’ end and they feel good to be associated with your organization.
  5. Reduces damage during strikes & unrest-Amidst unrest or labour strikes, the security personnel prevent infrastructural damages and machinery destruction within your premises, tackling crucial and sensitive situations by raising alarms. Manned guarding service personnel evaluate scenarios, prevent all kinds of unauthorised access, taking stock of situations like any misconduct or misdemeanour or violent activities.
  6. Ensures very prompt response time- In case of any violent or unfavourable incident, security guards from the best security guard company in Pune control and alleviate the scenario before police or law officials take charge of the situation. Businesses incur heavy losses in such volatile situations and the coming of manned guarding service into the picture becomes all the more essential, promptly taking required actions.

Hiring manned guarding personnel against the best security agency in Pune or elsewhere is the need of the hour!