1.What are the services offered?
-From commencing as a manned guarding service organization, skilled static security services, secure logistics, remote monitoring & e-surveillance services, production support services, facility management services, technical services, training and development services, payroll and compliance management etc.

2.Where does Chirag Industries provide services?
-CIS offers its services across Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh The presence and offerings include Manned Guarding, Housekeeping Services and Facility Management Services, and Production support services.

3.How to be a team member at Chirag?
Current CIS job openings are posted on this page. 
You can apply for a job under the career section.

4.How does recruitment work?
-Our recruitment team will review applications received at our office. Once these applications are reviewed, pertinent applicants are then invited for an interview. A review process then takes place with the Field Officers assessing the suitability of each of the candidates. A final interview round is organized of candidates with the operations manager. Before the commencement of the last interview round, reference checks are performed. When management is satisfied with the candidate(s) supplied documentation, the final meetings take place where position(s) may be awarded.

5.Can you provide security and Facility management services to special events e.g. Birthday parties and other Functions?
-Yes, we can. We will ask a few questions regarding the booking.

Examples of some of the question you may be asked:

  • How many people are you expecting?
  • What will the average age of the attendees be?
  • Will there be adult/parental supervision? (appropriate for where minors will be attending)
  • Will there be alcohol available?
  • Location Type? (Private residence or a hall, function centre, rural property etc…)
  • Will there be a guest list available to our Security Staff?
  • Date, location, start-time and finish-time?

If you have any other questions, kindly contact us.