Housekeeping and cleanliness in a workplace or a company mean more than just dusting off shelves or running mop across a floor. Appropriate housekeeping in the work front implies a safe and secured working environment, which can go a long way in ensuring the safety of employers as well as employees so that they no longer end themselves up in bruises or injuries. Additionally, a workplace or a company that is clean and well-organized accounts for a great initial impression on visitors. Every workplace safety program should embrace the concept of housekeeping service like Housekeeping in Pune or elsewhere, getting help from employees and commitment from management for the purpose.

Below is the significant role of housekeeping, for instance, Housekeeping in Pune:

  1. Prevents trips, falls, & slips-Workspace in an office/company should be clear of clutter. They should be clean and sanitary including areas like storage rooms and service zones. Floors should always be kept clean, dry and disinfected. There should be adequate drainage when water is used. Furthermore, materials like grease and oil should be cleaned properly from common areas as soon as possible, employing appropriate measures and protocols. Also, floor covering such as mats must be placed in dry areas of workplace, and floors should be kept clear of nails, holes, loose boards, or splinters to avoid any unfavourable or untoward incident.
  2. Get rid of fire hazards-Proper housekeeping services like Housekeeping in Pune, keep combustible materials from accumulating in the workplace, ensuring that all combustible items are in metal receptacles and removed from office premises at each and every day’s end.
  3. Controls dust-If dust covers more than five percent of a work room surface, there is likely to have an explosion hazard. A workplace that creates dust, a woodworking shop, for example, should be tested by an industrial hygienist for keeping a check on air quality. Housekeeping in Pune in these regions should constitute frequent vacuuming with an industrial vacuum, or washing off the area down with water.
  4. Clutter-free areas-Cluttered working environment in a company may result in injuries or bruises since employees have space constraints. Moreover, it’s also a Herculean task to set up workstations in cluttered spaces, with injuries or wounds taking place owing to more twisting of the body, rather than moving around entirely. If employees give back equipment after use, there’s less likely to have clutters. Moreover, disposing of redundant items and materials aid in making the workspace clutter-free. Besides, emergency exits, aisles, and stairwells should also be kept clear of items. Last but not the least, trash cans should be emptied when full and not when overflowed. This is where a good housekeeping services like the one Housekeeping in Pune come into the picture!
  5. Write the rules down-Housekeeping policies should be written down formally and must be accessible to all employees working in a company. Having them written stringently calls for authentication, implementation, and enforcement. The document should make mention of specific cleaners, procedures and methods, and tools and equipment to be used in several areas. This kind of formality makes it easier to train those who’re learning the tips and tricks of Housekeeping in Pune or any other place.

Advantages of Hiring Outsourced Housekeeping Services like Housekeeping in Pune:

  1. Save money & avail the best service with maintenance service in packages including high-quality refilling equipment along with an expert cleaning staff ensuring quick work efficiency.
  2. Add value with experienced professionals employing modern, up-to-date equipment via software & other tools.
  3. Responsive servicing to make life easier by working with efficacy for maintaining specific needs of the business/commercial establishments.
  4. Transfer cost & liability to the housekeeping service provider with coverage policies, and insuring its employees.
  5. Transfer hefty management responsibilities to the service provider where every requirement or complaint about housekeeping service falls under the purview of service provider’s responsibility, with you being engaged in some other meaningful activities or responsibilities.
  6. Gets better with technology at every step with professional outsourced housekeeping agency like Housekeeping in Pune, providing mobile keyless entry, remote checking technology, etc.
  7. Saves time, training and operating cost, and effort enabling a better and optimized cost advantage to your business or company.

Tips for Hiring A Professional Housekeeping Service, say, Housekeeping in Pune:

  • Think & plan ahead.
  • Get some recommendations by checking with your friends/family if they know a person or company assigned with housekeeping services.
  • Avail the benefit of online sources like a quick search in Google, checking Craigslist or classified ads.
  • Request for references via clients and customers.
  • Be clear when communicating to housekeepers rendering housekeeping services.
  • Try to adjust your expectations, providing honest comments or feedback to create good working relationship with your chosen housecleaner.

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