For owners and managers working in the realm of the hospitality industry, daily reviews of hotel safety and security are crucial for the smooth functioning of any establishment. Doing everything possible to ensure the safety and security of staff members and guests provided by Commercial Security Service, from everyday hazards and threats as well as unexpected, unwanted incidents, is of utmost necessity, and is surely the mark of a top-grade hotel. Staying up-to-date with security procedures offered and implemented by  Security Services is a challenge in today’s fast-paced world. But through comprehensive assessment and with the integration of new, advanced technologies, commercial establishments or business organizations can maintain and increase security measures provided by Commercial Security Services. Safety and security have always been major concerns for both tourists and business travelers and corporates alike in the hospitality sector and striking a balance between robust security measures implemented by Security agencies, and a healthy, conducive, welcoming atmosphere is the need of the hour.

Over the past 20 years, security measures have been beefed up in response to the increased threat of terrorism and today’s global health crisis. Moreover, increasing awareness of the dangerous situations that await employers, employees, staff members, customers, clients, and guests largely impacts the hospitality industry emphasizing the need to provide robust and regularly reviewed hotel safety assuring 100% all-around foolproof protection.

Safety & security components implemented and installed by Commercial Security Services in Pune:

  1. Lighting-Make sure isolated locations are well lit and regularly maintained. Problematic behaviors often happen in dimly lit places. Check if the bulbs are okay or broken, and need to be replaced, or if improved lighting systems are required. Public areas like parking lots, hallways, and alleys should also be the focus.
  2. Control Access-Using a surveillance system one can monitor and control the situations. ‘Non-spaces’ should be eliminated or blocked from public access, and premises should be designed in a way that directs footfall through the building in an efficient way to prevent large groups from accumulating in busy public areas.
  3. Regulate Number of Entrances-The fewer there are, the lesser security personnel are posted by Security agencies, and resources will be needed for monitoring them. Entrances should be a part of your access plan and exits should be designed keeping in mind fire safety, norms and regulations.
  4. Access Control-Digital credit card-type key cards need to be activated or deactivated when necessary, preventing criminals from copying keys for use after they’ve checked out ensuring safety and security in all aspects.
  5. CCTV Security Cameras-CCTV security cameras are highly effective and discreet, allowing you to catch illegal activity simultaneously acting as a deterrent. Cameras covering the front desk and in other public places tend to decrease the likelihood of bad or unruly behavior or criminality simultaneously providing staff of the hospitality industry and law enforcement with a visual record of incidents taking place.
  6. Wearable Panic Buttons-Wearable panic buttons installed by Commercial Security Services in Pune, deliver fast responses when staff or guests/customers are in danger providing discreet safety and allowing frontline employees to alert security in perilous circumstances.
  7. Registration Procedure-Staff in the hospitality industry must fill out information mentioned in registration forms themselves by asking relevant questions like I.D., the number of people staying in a room and potential visitors, checking license plate numbers, etc. Additionally, keep track of accessible records, introduce more secure payment systems, ensuring data protection policies are strictly adhered to.

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