The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives worldwide changing the dynamics of businesses in many industries. The cleaning industry is no different. Courtesy pandemic, people are now taking cleanliness more seriously, with the focus shifting on cleanliness for health’s sake, ensuring all-round safety of Office space, workspace and Retail space, staff, and employees. While many offices shutting down temporarily amidst COVID-19 lockdown, essential businesses like government offices, hospitals, medical centers, etc., which I’ve been on the run, have required regular virus decontamination cleaning of their premises for neutralizing germs and restrict the virus’s reach. We, at Chirag Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd., provide the Best housekeeping services in Pune, Facility Management Services from cleanliness to maintenance and sanitization in office buildings, public places, railways, hospitals, or homes. From private to commercial places, we offer you complete housekeeping and commercial cleaning services with a team of technical professionals employing the latest cleaning procedures.

Now every workspace, office premises, and retail sector has cleanliness on their agenda list with regular cleaning done under commercial cleaning and the Best housekeeping services in Pune or elsewhere. Even before the upsurge of the COVID-19 pandemic, business organizations still have to deal with a lot of health-related issues including seasonal ailments in workplaces, handled through proper and routine commercial cleaning of offices. The commercial cleaning is focused not just on making the place look better and more beautiful but also on reducing the presence of germs on office floors, toilets, and other high-traffic areas. In addition to basic cleaning procedures, they perform disinfection as well, preventing the spread of common germs and bacteria in office premises, workspace, and retail sectors. For solving employee and staffs health hazards, business organizations often tend to look for commercial cleaning companies for support.

With businesses almost returning back to normalcy and employees returning to their ‘old usual self’, many offices, workspace, and retail sectors conduct routine and proper workplace cleaning done by commercial cleaning and the Best housekeeping services in Pune thereby imparting a happier and more productive workforce environment, especially when the company employees get a healthy and conducive ambiance to return to work with full gusto and vigor. However, it should be kept in mind that business organizations or companies have a role to play to raise awareness about the importance of office cleanliness to its employees and maintaining personal hygiene practices like using masks, washing hands regularly, and following social distancing norms for their own good.

Nowadays, many customers and office employees are questioning adequate measures taken by office space, workspace, and retail space pertaining to cleaning of their premises, especially sensitive areas like toilets, door handles, counters, etc., done by commercial cleaning experts and Best housekeeping services in Pune, for stopping virus spread. This has practically forced commercial property owners to start focusing more on cleaning for their business facilities and increased productivity, be it for malls and shopping centers, banks, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, health clubs, schools, childcare centers, etc., implementing stringent cleanliness measures and guidelines. Joining the fray post-pandemic is the increasing demand for residential cleaning services like flat, kitchen, bathroom, and other appliances executed by Best housekeeping services in Pune.

Thus, commercial, corporate and residential cleaning under commercial and Best housekeeping services in Pune, is the ‘norms’ of the day!