Professional Electronic Security Systems comprising of Electronic Security Devices and Electronic Security Services have manged to save billions of dollars since their invention and implementation in residential and business environments. Kudos to Marie Brow, inventor of video home security systems; Augustus Russel Pope, creator of burglar alarm systems; John R. Weigand, inventor of magnetic field used in early technology access cards, that today we’re assured of full-fledged protection through Integrated Electronic Security Systems and Electronic Security Services.

Some of the electronic security systems and devices beneficial for business are

  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Security Alarm Systems and
  • Access Control Systems

Chirag Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd., leading Security Guard Company in Pune, offers cost-effective integrated solutions like Electronic Security Systems and Electronic Security Services, Facility Management Services, Production Support for client’s safety with highly trained employees implementing security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.

Reasons justifying installation of electronic security devices:

  1. Ensures Protection – Electronic Security Services is one of the cheapest preventive measures for protecting your business and personal assets like money, furniture, and even intellectual property being under stringent non-disclosure conditions, protecting you from both external and internal theft.
  2. Safe & Secured Workplace – An alarm system, being part of Electronic Security Services, gives you reassurance that your employees are in safe hands during both day and night shifts, offering them complete peace of mind and taking charge of situations in case of emergencies related to property intrusion.
  3. Instant Security Updates – Modern, up-to-date electronic security systems are accessed via different electronic devices like computers, tablets or mobile phones. With novel technology and cloud systems coming into the picture, you can keep a tab of the situations, be it from home, vacation, or commuting. You can be well aware of a security breach within seconds via instant security alerts.
  4. Protection To Unattended Premises – Cutting-edge technology implemented in Electronic Security Services and systems enable you to travel for longer periods of time. Complex security codes and accessibility to devices like CCTV Security Cameras anywhere in the world safeguards your business credentials while you’re on the go!
  5. Resolution Of Conflict – Integrated security systems including CCTV security cameras, access control systems, security alarms and security officers of Electronic Security Services, provide valuable information and important evidence related to problems in workplace, regardless of an internal or external robbery/break-ins.
  6. True Value for Money – Electronic Security Services and systems provide absolute value for money with complete peace of mind and sheer bliss.
  7. Internal Theft Control – Security surveillance cameras are beneficial if your employees are doing wrong or inappropriate things, not adhering to instructions and unable to meet work deadline. Putting these devices near cash counters or where employees are stationed, are good preventive measure to combat internal theft.
  8. Monitoring High-Risk Zones – Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras are placed in high-risk locations that’re vulnerable to vandalism, theft or break-ins. People with ill intentions usually target vulnerable areas of premises that’re poorly lit and not been well-maintained, giving impression of areas being unattended in most cases-the ideal hiding ground for them to keep an eye on your business.
  9. Automation & Analytics – State-of-the-art CCTV technology performs advanced threat detection via facial recognition and spotting potential perpetrators. Analytical reports and automated systems of Electronic Security Services represent refined usage of resources enabling humans to tackle emergency situations.

In a nutshell, Emergency Security Services, systems and devices-an all-encompassing whole, is the need of the hour!

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