Indian Facility Management (FM) industries have undergone rapid developments resulting in notable growth of commercial activities in metropolitan cities like Pune. Due to the growing influence of urban development, post-modernisation, the market is evolving with a more organized approach and goals. Facility management services are fast gaining popularity amongst commercial clients in Pune who need commercial security services and others.

Recently-declared plan by the government to develop 100 smart cities clearly indicates growth opportunities in FM space in the country, going beyond Tier 1 cities. This plan is expected to see a rise in investments (nearly $200 Billion) into infrastructure sector, creating need for professional facility management services like Housekeeping services, Security services in Pune. Real estate growth is expected to see an improvement considering peoples’ inclinations towards safe, cleaner and secured environment. Furthermore, with the IT boom in India and E-commerce investments by companies Amazon and Alibaba, the need for infrastructure and organised spaces are very much in demand, making the future of facility management services a brighter one.

Facility Management Services in Diversified Sectors:

Facility Management broadly includes maintenance-related activities of all types of Real Estate Projects-Commercial, Residential, Infrastructure, Retail, Hospitality & Industrial, fragmented into categories like:

  • Soft Services – Housekeeping Services, Horticulture, Pantry/office services, Pest control, Club house Management, Guest Relations, Help Desk
  • Hard Services – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Energy Management & Consulting, help desk, Information Technology & Support
  • Security & Safety – Visitor Management, Fire Safety & Systems, Emergency/Quick Response, Guarding/Security Services in Pune, Access Control Systems
  • Accounting & Billing – Financial Controls, Billing, Forecasting, Lease & Occupant Coordination

Challenges in Facility Management Industry-

Facility Management industry is facing the biggest challenge of manpower availability, which means lack of professionals to do the assigned tasks. Keeping up with rapid growth and development requires thorough training and time for professionals. Though there’s sufficient unskilled manpower, the first problem that facility management services face is to train unskilled manpower to adapt to systems and processes for running professional Facility Management service. The second problem is to hold onto manpower as unskilled staff switch jobs very often.

Another challenge today is acceptance of unorganized players in the Facility Management industry focusing on 1-2 services like Housekeeping in Pune or pest control, whereas the majority of the market is still ready to accept organised service at low cost. This hinders sector’s organisational aspects as most small players do not abide by statutory compliance and insurances offering services at low cost as compared to organised players.

Technology & Automation – Technology plays a vital role in the way FM clients are serviced and businesses are running. Procedures used in facility management services are capturing & analysing data through training and operations, performance rating module giving employees’ reports on basis of work quality, knowledge, attendance, and training needs. Keeping a check on equipment and machinery performance gives a clear understanding of the service results on a regular basis, and extrapolate analytics and insights providing a detailed analysis of the site related to site performance, client feedback, employees’ performance and training needs. The FM industry is gradually shifting toward more automated service delivery, with companies offering technology-based platforms. Facility management services would require innovation and demand in Specialized Engineering Services, covering areas like energy efficiency audits and Green Building concepts. No wonder, companies will use Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things.

Market will see greater demand for quality services abiding by international standards indicating merging of the small unorganised sector with large players in the market. Moreover, people will start looking at FM industry as an all-round facility management service including Housekeeping in Pune or elsewhere, Pest Control, Engineering/Technical services, Security services in Pune or anywhere, Front Office, etc., with clients preferring to deal with one company. There’s plenty of opportunities as long as there’s an evolution of FM players with market demand, providing employment to millions of individuals.

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