Event security is often the last thing on mind considered by event organizers. There’s always a security threat involved in mass gatherings leaving room for impending dangers. The potential for harm is too great that one cannot take event security lightly. 

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Tips for event security:

  1. Evaluate Security Risk Factors-Events assigned to Event security services in Pune, don’t require different needs. Ascertain the type of risks considering:
  • The person hosting an event and whether they’re a target for any individual or group.
  • The person attending the event attracts controversy.
  • Event context, inviting security problems or not.
  • The person speaking/performing & attracting agitators or not.
  • Protest/counter-protest.
  • Media presence.
  • The venue has security vulnerabilities.
  • The location has non-human security threats like highways nearby, wild animals, and floods.
  1. Keep Security Measures Visible-Purpose of the security agency is to prevent threats from occurring. It’s better if a potential agitator views security measures and moves on. By making a security team like a security agency in Pune as well as Event security services in Pune obvious, you make attendees feel safe.
  1. Make Security Checkpoints-Set up checkpoints away from gathering that attendees must pass through to get inside, forcing agitators to come face-to-face with security personnel from security agencies for averting damage beforehand.
  1.  Tally IDs to Registration Information-Collect information like name, date of birth, and address in advance when people register, making it tougher for intruders to fake someone’s identity. Ask attendees to provide ID copies at the gate. Check belongings if no registration is required for attending events.
  1. Keep Private Events Private-Some organizations announce events on public platforms like websites, newsletters, press releases, and social media even if the events aren’t open to the public, increasing chances of security risk. Don’t publicize unless and until the event is open to the public. If perpetrators don’t get a whiff of it, they will not be able to do any harm or disruption.
  1. Take Note of Cyber Threats-It’s best to password protect the Wi-Fi service, which safeguards against security threats, keeping unwanted parties off-network. Share passwords via means that only guests can access through a custom event app. Have an IT person on board who runs security measures ensuring malicious parties can’t sneak data on and off guests’ devices.
  1. Chalk Out Emergency Plan-Sit with Event security services to chalk out an emergency response plan for disaster. Plans include:
  • Varied ways to evacuate masses.
  • Steps to take in case of active shooter’s presence.
  • Safe rooms or areas’ location.
  • Staff’s ways to communicate during an emergency.
  • Ways to direct attendees in an emergency.
  • Signage & notifications for guests regarding response.
  1. Screen Staffs-Scrutinize staff so that they don’t harbor malicious intentions, and run background and credit checks. It’s not possible to screen vendors’ staff, and building strong relationships with them is a feasible idea.
  1. Hire Outside Help-Hire security professionals from leading security agencies or Event security services if needed. You may rely on your event staff, but the trained eye of an experienced security team is a big help in high-risk, crowded events, identifying holes in security plans. Consider hiring off-duty police officers carrying firearms.

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