Security guards, rather, private security guards recruited from Security Guard Company, an absolute necessity in today’s time of increasing violence, theft, and robbery, are entrusted with the task of Manned Guarding in Pune-a highly effective way of eliminating criminal damage and theft, making it one of the most proactive measures that one takes against crime. Manned Guarding in Pune is a security service that involves placing security guards from Security Guard Company on-premises, usually out of hours when staff are still present. Private security guards take a preventive approach to crime, working to prevent risks to the public, deter crime, and are on the lookout for danger to avert.

Specific duties & responsibilities of private security guards recruited from Security Guard Company including Manned Guarding in Pune:

  1. Strong Visible Presence-Private security personnel make sure they’re prominently visible in the area vicinity they are guarding, acting as a deterrent to crime. Being highly visible, security guards from Security Guard Company, prevent graffiti, damage, theft, personal injury and acts of violence.
  2. Be Alert & Always Vigilant-Security guards including Manned Guarding in Pune from Security Guard Company, are hired to be on the lookout for any odd or strange behaviour or event indicating serious damage or harm. It’s imperative for them to have a very keen sense of smell coupled with excellent hearing and eyesight. They should be always on alert and vigilant to sense dangerous or unfavourable circumstances, immaculately interpreting warning signs to avert damages and irreparable losses.
  3. Act Promptly & Accurately in Crisis Situation- Private security guards from Security Guard Company to act promptly to quell crisis situation and know how to effectively respond to any number of perilous situations.
  4. Observe & Report- Security guards must be observant enough to keep a tab on what’s going on in the area to ensure there’s nothing brewing so as to prevent further tension. Moreover, post-crisis, he/she should take the onus of reporting incident details to the supervisor, law enforcement or appropriate authorities like the fire department to prevent a recurrence.
  5. Call for Help When & As Needed- In certain very dangerous situations like an assault with a deadly weapon or armed robbery, private security guards including Manned Guarding in Pune, immediately call for help by dialling police for saving peoples’ lives and punishing the perpetrators.
  6. Adhere to Procedures & Check Rules are Being Obeyed- Security officers follow certain policies implemented by employers like screening visitors before granting entry or denying them entry without prior appointment. Private security guards may require employees to show ID cards before they’re permitted to enter the workplace, monitoring things to ensure all rules are being strictly adhered to.
  7. Maintain Order & Peace at Gathering- Private security guards from Security Guard Company are hired to provide crowd management at huge gatherings like political rallies, religious assemblies, and parties for safeguarding people and property and prevent stampedes, and riots.
  8. Access Control- Private security guards should be approachable to visitors around since he’s the one who greets them first, with added attributes of friendliness and willingness to help.
  9. Offer Security & Safety Precautions- Security guards including Manned Guarding in Pune advise employers about security and safety precautions, elucidating possible consequences of ignoring suggestions.
  10. Additional Responsibilities- Private security guards from Security Guard Company, perform additional duties like taking phone calls, responding to email, and text messages, running errands, and even babysitting children at times.

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