Commercial Security Systems are indispensable when you own commercial property or are running business. Protecting assets and employees is of paramount importance, offering you complete peace of mind when you’re onsite or are away from work. However, it’s absolutely incumbent to protect future of your business, given the fact of recent increase in theft and burglary at regular intervals. At this juncture, Commercial Security Services comes to your rescue, endowed with complete security systems, enabling you to recognize preventive security measures for keeping business safe and secured. At Chirag Integrated Services, you will be rest assured of your commercial security measures being accurately implemented.

Commercial security system checklist constitutes:

Security Camera System – Having security cameras at commercial establishment is the easiest way out to protect property, acting as deterrent to thieves and burglars thereby preventing unfortunate incidents related to property. Security can make the difference in trying to get property returned or in pursuing charges against criminal. Surveillance systems can be active and monitored on device, or simply record footage, storing it for stipulated period of time before deletion. Some camera functionalities permit you to have access footage in real time via smartphone or other connected devices, causing alarm to sound and record video for later references. Security cameras are commonly used for monitoring inside or outside of business 24X7, making employees strictly adhere to safety protocols, and keeping tab on entrants with just a touch of button!

Motion Detectors – Motion detectors are security detecting change in movement at specified location, beneficial for security systems in different kinds of commercial enterprises: military, premises, industrial locations, small business ventures, green houses, etc., both on and off-hours, or for protecting restricted access zones during business hours. Primarily, there are two types of motion detectors; passive and active. Passive motion sensors are based on infrared technology, particularly heat, causing alarm to sound. Active motion sensors give off radio waves that bounce off of objects and surrounding environment, with movement interruption of radio wave resulting in going off an alarm, accessible on smartphone also.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems – Commercial fire is for comprehensive commercial fire protection in case of emergencies. It assures you that business is being adequately monitored, first responders being notified immediately to mitigate property damage. It’s a one step forward to secure your business.

Temperature & Humidity Alarms – Temperature and humid alarm is an important aspect of security against environmental accidents, helps in tracking temperature and humidity of property, even remotely. Set device to provide notice if temperature or humidity exceeds range set by you, enabling you to intervene thereby reducing property and product damage risks. They are used in industries like indoor farms, food service, technology, art galleries, and are reasonable too.

Water or Flooding Alarm – Water or flooding alarms, also known as environmental alarms, are used for detecting moisture or water where it’s not meant to be. Small moisture detectors, called Water Bugs, are installed in less visited spaces in times of frequent vacancy for seasonal businesses, sensing presence of water or moisture-an inexpensive option to make you alert for catastrophic events. They’re used in rooms with water pipes, dishwashers, boilers, washing machines, sump pumps, toilets, freezers, etc.

Panic Button Alarms – Panic button are used for securing business’s valuable assets like cash, jewellery, electronics and others that could be stolen easily during theft or robbery. Banks and jewellery stores use panic buttons to alert authorities of burglary without phone calls, making sure they’re accessible and installed by Security Services in Pune.

Chirag Integrated Services, Commercial Security Services in Pune, offers cost-effective integrated solutions, providing manned guarding service, Facility Management Services, Production Support for client’s safety with highly trained employees implementing security measures around Residential, Commercial or Industrial Site.